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Just look around where you work or reside. Sure you note items that you that was produced by a wielder or has been through a welding process. This is why the services of skilled wielder will always be needed and the craft will keep getting attractive.
Whether you are aiming to start a career in the welding industry, or you are already gaining a living from the same industry, just understand that there will always be demand for the services of a welder now and for years to come.
It ’ s very important to note that the welding industry dates back to time immemorial , as there have always been the need to have metals joined together to meet the needs of various activities and locations. It is believed that the wielding industry is one industry that shows a substantial return in your investment at every turn and moment. When starting a wielding business, you go need to go for welding training.
You also need to be certified, and to get certified, you need to undergo certain training in welding.
Welding is a process of our business that integrates with many of our other services. Besides the use of welding in our other business practices, we offer repair service for existing equipment. In the beginning our main focus was in-shop repair. Equipment will be either delivered by the client to our shop or we will provide pick-up and delivery service. We have the capabilities to handle most situations which may be brought to our shop.
We also offer on-site welding and repair. Until this market proves to be abundant and cost-effective, we will acquire equipment by rental as needed.

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