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Fabrication is the desired emphasis of our company. Our goal is to provide custom fabrication in a variety of materials to satisfy our clients’ needs in the most efficient manner possible. Drawing upon experience, we are able to evaluate situations which would be better served by custom fabrication in place of mass produced items. Our primary material is metal but we also have the capabilities and experience to work with other materials such as woods and plastics.
The equipment which is on hand is versatile and can cover a range of fabrication needs. We are able to handle projects both large and small upon startup. Future equipment will be added as needed to meet market demands and/or to increase the productivity of our workflow.
To help our clients achieve high level of efficiency, we offer on-site services. These will include, but not limited to, fabrication, maintenance, repair and upgrade. A benefit of being able to perform these tasks is acquiring experience with the clients operations while relieving them of cumbersome, yet necessary services. Being involved in the many facets of equipment upkeep allows us to bring other business to our company while increasing the efficiency of a client’s operations.
Tooling and equipment required for these services is generally small. Our present tooling can handle this work with occasional rental for specific situations.
Having worked in the maintenance field for many years allows me to help clients implement or maintain a program which adds to the reliability of their systems and demonstrate a positive return on investment for them.
We are currently one the biggest authorities in Construction of Aviation Fuel Depot in Sub Saharan Africa. We intend to cover a wide range of markets through our fabrication services. Material handling and storage, agricultural implements, livestock equipment, residential ornamental and security items, truck and automotive accessories, construction implements, industrial and commercial fixtures and structures, commercial and personal marine equipment and other markets as they emerge.

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