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Orlando is a well-established welding and fabrication company that specializes in the manufacture of metal steel tanks for aviation fuel, diesel, and petroleum storage that will suit and satisfy the customer’s various designs and models.

Is your welding up to standard?


Your product and credibility are jeopardized when welding efficiency is not maintained and, or welding falls short of industry standards. We provide a range of weld testing services that can help you avoid expensive delays caused by inadequate welding procedures, as well as essential product testing for material protection and efficiency. 

What we do

Pre-welding Phase
– The material is examined for consistency, form, size, cleanliness, flatness,
straightness, and dimensional accuracy by the inspector. After the joint has
been prepared for welding, the material is inspected once more, this time for
alignment, fit, and proper joint preparation.

Welding Phase – The
inspector examines the weld bend profiles as well as any visible surface
defects. At this time, the inspector will notice the preheat, as well as
whether the technique and heat input are within the prescribed ranges.

Post Welding – After
allowing the weld to settle, the inspector will examine it again for cracks,
porosity, and crater cracks, as well as verifying the weld profile.

We offer the following weld testing services:

welding inspection
– we have trained and qualified welding inspectors who
can test pipe and structural welds visually and dimensionally.

of welding procedures
and welder certification tests

– we perform a series of mechanical tests. They’re also known as
destructive checks, and they’re used for determining the suitability of the
variables used to make a welded joint.

– we provide an in-depth examination of steel samples for
microstructural flaws that can be found in duplex and super duplex steels, as
well as a variety of many other welded materials.

We are entirely equipped to handle weld coupons of any
scale, from weld procedure certification tests to welder qualification tests.
In addition, our team of seasoned engineers offers fast turnarounds and
unparalleled quality, guaranteeing that you never miss deadlines due to testing

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inspection and testing needs.



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As one of Uganda’s best engineering companies, Orlandoh provides consultancy and technical services to the most prominent contractors in the country.

Quality, Built on Safety

Orlandoh Engineering is a family-focused company built upon the foundation of quality, transparency, teamwork, and safety. And, of all the building we do, we believe building great teams comes first. As one of the most reliable privately-held construction
companies in Uganda, we are always seeking motivated and skilled talent to build on our success.

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No matter if you are an experienced leader looking for new challenges or just starting your journey in construction, if you have the will and ability, we will help you build your path to career advancement and the rewards of being part of our winning family, too.
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