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Fuel service station construction

Orlandoh’s fuel service station construction provides realistic, future-focused solutions that ensure the operation is economically productive and profitable while adhering to industry best practices in terms of environmental protection and safety. our experts understand each customer’s unique requirements.

Do you need a fuel storage Depot? or a service station?

If you want to build a fuel storage depot, fuel service station,or renovate a fuel service station, we
will help you every step of the way. Design and scheduling, preparation and regulatory
approvals, risk management and mitigation, procurement and budget control,
building, and handover are all things we can handle. Orlandoh’s engineering also collaborates with the client’s design and management teams to create a high-quality build that meets all of the client’s specifications and standards.


What we do

Orlandoh’s engineering has a wide variety of structural
engineering and Fuel service station construction services. New builds, full
knock-down re-builds, and massive redevelopment works, including the
construction of underground double-contained fuel storage tanks, are all
possible. All to a high standard and at a reasonable cost.

It is our responsibility to stay current with the constantly
evolving legislative climate that governs Fuel service stations construction and
to schedule your build to meet and exceed all applicable regulations.

We’ll handle everything from the design and approvals
process to project management, which includes demolition and dismantling outdated
equipment, excavation, and installation of new equipment.

Our team of engineers  can resurface gas forecourts, car parks, and
distribution centers in either tarmac or concrete. We can also help with the
supply and installation of above-ground bonded fuel storage tanks, mainly for
the storage of diesel to fuel HGV fleets.


Orlando engineering will manage any part of your Fuel
service station construction project, from the initial concept to the finished
product, whether it’s for your existing facility or an empty lot.

With our years of experience, we know just what you’ll need
to get your project up and running. We provide consultation, design-build, and
project management services on all aspects of your fueling system, convenience
store, car wash, and vehicle maintenance.

We also understand the difficulties of operating in remote
locations. Our team has the experience and technical skills to complete
projects on schedule and on budget, no matter where you want to construct your
fuel service station


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As one of Uganda’s best engineering companies, Orlandoh provides consultancy and technical services to the most prominent contractors in the country.

Quality, Built on Safety

Orlandoh Engineering is a family-focused company built upon the foundation of quality, transparency, teamwork, and safety. And, of all the building we do, we believe building great teams comes first. As one of the most reliable privately-held construction
companies in Uganda, we are always seeking motivated and skilled talent to build on our success.

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No matter if you are an experienced leader looking for new challenges or just starting your journey in construction, if you have the will and ability, we will help you build your path to career advancement and the rewards of being part of our winning family, too.
Great projects. Competitive pay. Excellent benefits and room for advancement. What are you waiting for?

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