Water is a vital resource for domestic, residential, commercial, rural, and industrial uses. With the unreliable water supply in Uganda, you need a water tank to store your water to make it available at your convenience.

These are the types of water tanks with their prices.

Plastic water tanks.


These are the commonest water tanks in Uganda. They are a product of UV-stabilized polyethylene/ plastic, which doesn’t break under harsh outdoor conditions.

Plastic water tanks mainly store drinking and rainwater. They also act as water reserves for industrial and fire prevention purposes.


                      CREST  TANKS

CCV–5 50 44 54   48,000
CCV – 10 100 49 71     80,000
CCV – 15 150 56 71 115,000
CCV – 20 200 64 72 130,000
CCV – 25 250 69 85 140,000
CCV – 30 300 74 50 175,000
CCV – 50 500 86 104 198,000
CCV – 75 750 100 117 325,000
CCV – 100 1000 108 127 354,000
CCV – 150 1500 126 142 540,000
CCV – 200 2000 138 158 660,000
CCV – 250 2500 148 169 900,000
CCV – 300 3000 158 178 1,100,000
CCV – 300 (SP) 3000 227 146 1,275,000
CCV – 400 4000 176 210 1,450,000
CCV – 500 5000 186 205 1,675,000
CCV – 600 6000 198 223 2,200,000
CCV – 600(SP) 6000 252 146 2,400,000
CCV – 800 8000 219 243 3,000,000
CCV – 1000 10000 239 271 3,900,000
CCV – 1000(SP) 10000 285 189 3,900,000
CCV – 1600 16000 290 280 9,600,000
CCV – 2400 24000 356 280 15,000,000



SPT – 200 2000 150 CM 139 CM 1,450,000
SPT – 300 3000 150 CM 198 CM 1,897,000
SPT – 430 4300 255 – L/ 145 -W 162 CM 3,410,000



ITEM CODE CAPACITY (Ltrs) WEIGHT KGS Hight (Mm) Diameter (Mm) RATE ( UGX )
T101 250 6.5 650 770 110,000
T102 500 11 890 940 180,000
T103 1000 18 1,330 1,080  280,000
T104 1500 26 1,450 1,250 450,000
T105 2000 34 1,620 1,350 500,000
T106 2500 42 1,840 1,390  650,000
T107 3000 50 1,910 1,500 700,000
T108 4000 69 1,990 1,720 1,000,000
T109 5000 82 2,170 1,820 1,200,000
T110 8000 132 2,430 2,170 2,000,000
T111 10000 171 2,780 2,300 2,400,000



Elevated Water Tank.


Water Tank mounted on Steel over head stand:

6 meters aboveground level: ( steel structural stand )

Tank Supply and Installations costs:

Tank Capacity Prices Tank Capacity Prices Tank Capacity Prices
Plastic    MS Tanks welded joints   Smart tanks stainless  
Plastic tanks:   Steel  welded water Tanks:   Stainless steel   
1000 liters 4,500,000.00 5000 liters 14,000,000.00 1000 liters 7,000,000.00
2000 liters 5,900,000.00 10,000 liters 25,000,000.00 2000 liters 8,000,000.00
3000 liters 6,500,000.00 20,000 liters 48,000,000.00 2500 liters 9,000,000.00
4,000 liters 8,500,000.00 30,000 liters 55,000,000.00 5000 liters 14,000,000.00
5000 liters 9,500,000.00 40,000 liter 65,000,000.00 10000 liters 23,000,000.00
8000 liter 13,000,000.00 50,000 liters 78,000,000.00
10’000 liters 16,500,000.00
16’000 liters 28,000,000.00
24’000 liters 30,000,000.00

1. It creates more water pressure.

The elevated position of a water storage tank allows it to deliver water with more force. It is simple science: water flows towards gravitational force, so the greater the height, the greater the pressure. According to numerous studies, if a unit is placed more than a hundred feet above the ground, there is a significant increase of around .43 pound per square inch per foot.

2. It eliminates the expense and installation of a pump.

Usually, a water pump is not necessary for the average household that utilizes a stainless steel water storage tank for human consumption. If the unit is installed at height with a sufficient distance above the house’s plumbing, it may create sufficient pressure. Moreover, for a water tank that only serves the garden and other external use, elevating the unit will probably provide decent pressure. Simply put, not relying on a pump will save you a hefty amount of money.

3. It prevents contamination.

Tanks are also mounted in elevated spot for practical reasons. Doing so prevents extreme sediments and other foreign objects from coming in. You must know that the longer sediment remains in a water tank, the greater the risk for contamination and pathogenic growth.

4. It provides convenient access for repairs.

Any fixture that is installed above ground permits much easier access for routine maintenance. If leaks should occur they will be relatively easy to spot and to repair. This is also why most tank providers, like Firs tank Uganda,  ladder that comes with the unit.

It is not mandatory to keep your water storage tanks at the top level of your house or building. You can even install them on the ground level. But doing so will most likely require an external aid to make water flow through the pipelines. So take it from the experts like the guys . : elevating your water tank is always a good decision.

Advantages of plastic water tanks.

Concrete water tanks.

Water Tanks - Underground Water Tanks Manufacturer from Bengaluru

These are water tanks made of concrete and bricks. Sometimes they are reinforced with steel rods during construction. You can hire builders to build for you according to your specifications.

Price of a concrete water tank.

As with most tanks, their prices depend on the materials used and the size of the water tank. The bigger the water tank, the higher the construction cost. They are a prevalent choice in urban areas and developments with limited space.

Advantages of concrete water tanks.

Disadvantages of concrete water tanks.

Stainless steel water tanks.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks in Kampala - Plumbing & Water Supply, Hero Hamuza | Jiji.ug

These are tanks made from welding stainless steel together. They are the most reliable water tanks.

Stainless steel water tank prices.

Size (Liters) Price (Ugx)
2,000 2,574,000
2,500 2,900,000
5,000 4,100,000
10,000 13,500,200

NB: These are the rough estimates of vertical stainless steel water tanks. Horizontal water tanks are more costly.

Advantages of stainless steel tanks.

Disadvantages of stainless steel tanks.

They are more costly, especially the larger tank sizes.

It is worth noting that all the water tank types below fall in these two categories;

Field erected water tanks.

shell namuwongo_Page_1_Image_0001 Image_001 (1)

Field erected water tanks can either be stainless steel or concrete. What differentiates them from the shop-built water tanks is that they are too large to be put together in a shop. So they are transported to the project site in parts or pieces where they are welded together or put together.

Every field erected water tank is designed based on its purpose, specifications of its function, where it will sit, the pressure on it, and many other considerations.

Why field erected water tanks are the best water tanks

It is worth noting that field-erected tanks are the most suitable water tanks for large-scale use regarding size, material, and durability.

If there’s a water tank that can’t go wrong, it’s the field-erected tanks. For high-quality, field erected water tanks with a capacity of up to 500,000 gallons, contract Orlandoh engineering for high-quality field erected tanks. Their field personnel uses innovative approaches and can handle any task, whether it’s installation inside an existing structure or one that is too big to ship.

NB: The price of your water tank is only part of the puzzle. It would be best to consider the cost of complementary equipment like filters, screens, and so on to ensure that you get the best quality water in your tank. There’s also the cost of transportation and installation.

So, be careful in your water tank buying process. Make a list of all your expenses and come up with the best choice for you.

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