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Service Stations

Government has a responsibility to ensure that the operations and essential services is not limited by the current incapacity of the fuel storage infrastructure in the country.
The increased demand for petrol and diesel coupled with the static diesel/petrol storage capacity and the inability to deliver diesel/petrol to consumers during the bad social and political climates has placed pressures on the fuel stocks.

A few years in Uganda, the general public and commercial activities was operating at the limits of its fuel supply and the nation and its neighbours essential services were very nearly compromised. Had fuel supplies been any further depleted, power would have been initially rationed resulting in compromised amenity and then lost to all consumers in the nation and its neighbours.

Bulk commercial sales, such as those for heavy vehicles utilized in construction activity on the country and in the supply of passenger and private vessels require urgent coverage of Service Station in different Settlement areas and subject to community consultation. The operation for the Service Station consists of Tanker truck filled with fuel driven road from the harbour to Uganda. The tanker truck then transports the fuel to the Service Station in the countryside. The fuel from the tanker truck is pumped into an above ground diesel or underground diesel tank at the Service Station; and Petrol is transferred from the petrol tanks located via dedicated underground pipe work into the underground petrol tanks at the Service Station.

Service stations are expected to construct fuel to construct fuel storage and discharge operation facilities normally outsourced to contractors in the Engineering or construction business where Orlandoh Engineering or any construction business face off in the biding process.

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