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Pipe fitting and welding

Orlando is a market leader in the field of fuel product pipe fitting and welding. Throughout Uganda and the East African region, we provide project services to the energy sector, external piping fabrication, and specialty welding engineering, material engineering, and non-destructive testing are some of our specialties

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Our strong in-house team of engineers enable us to seamlessly interact and provide comprehensive welding and pipe fitting solutions to clients.

From the initial planning process to implementation, Orlando team of engineers work closely with their clients to ensure that we produce a service that fulfills their expectations. We offer a wide range of services, including the following:

  • Dimensional Survey of spools
  • Material engineering
  • Pipeline front-end welding
  • Pipeline back-end welding
  • Piping fabrication
  • Pressure reduction stations
  • Pre-heater arrangements
  • Welding engineering

What distinguishes us

We maintain the highest standards of quality thanks to our fabrication facility and substantial in-house capabilities. Our commitment to in-house talent also complements our commitment to workplace safety, ensuring that everyone involved in our projects is properly trained. By utilizing the safest and most efficient equipment, our workstations exemplify our ‘Do no harm’ value.


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As one of Uganda’s best engineering companies, Orlandoh provides consultancy and technical services to the most prominent contractors in the country.

Quality, Built on Safety

Orlandoh Engineering is a family-focused company built upon the foundation of quality, transparency, teamwork, and safety. And, of all the building we do, we believe building great teams comes first. As one of the most reliable privately-held construction
companies in Uganda, we are always seeking motivated and skilled talent to build on our success.

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No matter if you are an experienced leader looking for new challenges or just starting your journey in construction, if you have the will and ability, we will help you build your path to career advancement and the rewards of being part of our winning family, too.
Great projects. Competitive pay. Excellent benefits and room for advancement. What are you waiting for?

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