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 Trust Orlandoh’s expert engineers to meet your plumbing needs.


Do you need a plumber?

Orlando engineering is available to help you with your business operations when you need a quick response, require new industrial plumbing systems, and need to build and install a new plumbing system. Our professional plumbing team gives high-quality plumbing services as well as honest advice on any plumbing problems that may arise.

We at Orlando engineering believe that your industrial businesses must be able to operate without interruption. That’s why your industrial plumbing equipment must always be in good working order. Plumbing should be the last thing on your mind as an industrial business owner.

Your plumbing systems will work smoothly thanks to our industrial pipe solutions and services. You won’t have to bother with pipe or plumbing this way.


What we do

Any plumbing issues could jeopardize your company’s production and revenue. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. We implement our industrial solutions to ensure that your plumbing is in good working order at all times.

The following services are available through our industrial plumbing services:

  • Management of wastewater and waste oil


  • Treatments for water, plumbing, and chemical piping


  • Plant and equipment maintenance, gas lines, and water mains maintenance


All of these services and solutions ensure that your pipes are in good working condition. We also provide industrial plumbing installs to ensure that plumbing systems are well-run from the start.

An industrial plumbing problem necessitates an industrial response.

Orlandoh engineering provides complete plumbing services to satisfy the needs of your industrial operations.


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As one of Uganda’s best engineering companies, Orlandoh provides consultancy and technical services to the most prominent contractors in the country.

Quality, Built on Safety

Orlandoh Engineering is a family-focused company built upon the foundation of quality, transparency, teamwork, and safety. And, of all the building we do, we believe building great teams comes first. As one of the most reliable privately-held construction
companies in Uganda, we are always seeking motivated and skilled talent to build on our success.

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No matter if you are an experienced leader looking for new challenges or just starting your journey in construction, if you have the will and ability, we will help you build your path to career advancement and the rewards of being part of our winning family, too.
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