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Tank capacity liters Tank height  mm Tank Length mm Material /manufacturing  Design Tank price
5000 1400 3660 Fabricated with 6mm steel plates , cylindrical horizontal  


10000 1700 4880 Fabricated with 6mm steel plates , cylindrical horizontal  


20000 2350 4880 Fabricated with 6mm steel plates , cylindrical horizontal  


30000 2550 6100 Fabricated with 6mm steel plates , cylindrical horizontal  


40000 2700 7320 Fabricated with 6mm steel plates , cylindrical horizontal  


50000 3000 7320 Fabricated with 6mm steel plates , cylindrical horizontal  


60000 3300 7320 Fabricated with 6mm steel plates , cylindrical horizontal  



Do you want to start a Petrol station in Uganda but aren’t sure how?

Then you’re in the right place now!

This article walks you through all of the necessary procedures to make your dream business concept a reality. While establishing a business can be difficult, and starting a petrol station presents some special hurdles that you should be aware of, you should not let this deter you from pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams.

And besides, according to GlobalData, a prominent data and analytics organization, Uganda is on track to produce its first oil in 2025, and production is predicted to increase to 230,000 barrels per day in the next five years, up from zero in 2021. Therefore starting a petrol station could be a profitable business move.

Here are the top 10 steps to help you get started.

1.      Research the market

Conduct an extensive market research to determine the degree of demand for your company and whether it has a chance to prosper in the location you have identified.

Ask and find answers to the following questions:

2.      Decide whether to invest in a Patrol station franchise

After you’ve completed your market research, you should be able to choose an idea for your petrol station.

Do you want to work for a multinational oil corporation or create your own business?

Major franchises are constantly on the lookout for new gas stations to join their network. So, what’s stopping you from joining them?

You’ll be able to grow your firm far more quickly than if you started from scratch in exchange for royalties and an admission fee. Other advantages of getting a franchise include:

Taking over a petrol station could be a fantastic option if you want to stay autonomous without having to start from scratch. If you’re interested in this alternative, keep an eye out for adverts of  petrol stations on sale.

3.      Decide on the location

The third step in starting a Petrol station is to decide where it will be located. This decision is critical because it defines your station’s profitability, and you won’t be able to change it once you’ve committed money in fuel service station construction.

When it comes to starting a petrol station, a good location should have the following features:

There are two best options for you in deciding the location

  1. The rural parts of the country have  fewer competitors
  2. Close to highways to gain the advantage of the steady traffic.

4.      Handle the regulatory approvals

After you’ve decided on a site, you’ll need to figure out what your company’s legal status will be.

The decision will be influenced by a number of personal factors, including the amount of capital you wish to invest and the number of partners in your company.

The legal form of your Petrol station is critical because it affects:

More thorough information on the numerous legal forms you need to assist you make your decision when starting a petrol station can be found on the petroleum authority Uganda website.

5.      Obtain a contract with a petroleum supplier.

It’s critical to know how you’ll keep your petroleum tank topped off on a regular basis. To supply fuel for your station, you’ll need to look into several local wholesale vendors. Because suppliers often get a percentage of your sales, you should compare rates carefully to verify you’re getting the best deal.

If you own a franchise, check your franchise agreement to see if the company already has a preferred gas supplier.

Again, have an attorney look over your franchise agreement and gas supplier deal to verify you’re making the most money and avoiding any surprises.

6.      Identify the equipment needed to start a petrol station

After you’ve settled on your legal status, you’ll need to figure out how much employees and equipment you’ll need to get your petrol station up and operating.

What equipment do you need?

Starting a petrol station requires a significant initial expenditure because you will need to:

Before you invest money into the equipment, get quotes from a few different vendors so you can pick the ones that provide the best value for your money.

7.      Recruit staff

The number of staff you’ll need to start a petrol station will be determined by the size of your station and its operating hours. Because petrol stations are open for at least 15 hours every day, it’s crucial not to undervalue the amount of administrative effort required.

You’ll need pump attendants, accountants, payroll masters, and inventory managers not forgetting the station mechanics to handle emergency mechanical needs for motorists.

8.      Develop a marketing strategy for your new petrol station

Developing a marketing strategy for your petrol station is one of the most critical stages. Decide the purpose of a marketing plan?

Define, quantify, and prioritize the actions that should be taken to acquire and retain customers.

As a result, you’ll concentrate on the market research you did earlier to determine which communication tactics are most likely to catch your target clients’ attention.

There are several options available to you. For instance, you could:

9.      Create your Petrol station’s business plan

After you’ve created your marketing strategy, you’ll need to compile all of the data you’ve acquired into a Petrol station business plan. This is without a doubt the hardest step of starting a petrol station because it necessitates extreme rigor and precision.

You must explain your proposal in a well-organized and convincing manner, as well as offer financial projections for the first three years of operation.

10. Obtain the capital to start up

You’ll be able to start looking for funding now that you have a business plan for your petrol station.

Begin by contacting financial organizations and banks. For begin, contact your own personal bank, as a bank that knows you will have more faith in you. When it comes to persuading potential financial partners to participate in your business a comprehensive and well-structured business plan will be a huge help.

That’s all there is to it – you now know how to open a petrol station. If you have any additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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