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There has been a rapid increase in total aircraft movements to and fro Uganda in recent years. Regular Passenger Transport air services, government charters, flying school, airfreight services, medical evacuations, UN Missions, surveillance and search and rescue flights operate regularly to and from Ugandan Airports and Airfields.

As a result Government proposes investment in construction of fixed storage for aviation fuel adjacent to the current storage depot in our airports and airfields. Demolish redundant facilities and undertake associated site remediation works. The remediation works are expected to facilitate future bulk cargo and commercial development in selected areas.
The aviation fuel storage facility are located on airport land leased by Civil Aviation Authority to prospectus developer.

The aviation fuel discharge and storage operation consists of Aviation fuel isotainers. The isotainers are lifted one at a time from the Tanker fuel track using the wharf crane and loaded onto low loader transport. The low loader has the capacity to transport one isotainer at a time. The low loader delivers the isotainers to the airport for storage and use; and Empty isotainers are then returned for loading again and the cycle.
Commercial Airlines and other large Fuel Corporations are mandated to construct Fuel Installation and to manage the general supply of fuel and maintenance of its associated infrastructure.

The proprietor of Orlandoh has been part of the success in Construction of Aviation Fuel Depot in Six (6) countries in Sub Saharan Africa both as employee and contractor since 2006. While working as Technician for Civicon Oloya oversaw the construction of Aviation Fuel Depot at Juba International Airport 2005, Mogadishu International Airport 2008, Kigali International Airport 2010, Bujumbura International Airport 2013, Garruga Airfield 2014, Goma International Airport 2017. The most recent workmanship of Orlandoh now predates Gulu Airfield Phase One and Two 2019 and Arua Airfield 2019 contracted by Dalbit.

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