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Experienced in easy oil tank installation
When looking for a tank installer, it’s important you choose a company with vast experience and knowledge to ensure the process is a success. Here at Tanks R Us we have many years of experience in the oil tank installation process. With our unrivalled knowledge and professionalism, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands when in comes to installing your tanks. Before we begin the process of installing your tank, we will ask you for a photograph of the area surrounding your new tank’s desired location, as well as a photograph of the site access. Having this information allows us to assess the project and put together a plan for safe and efficient tank installation before creating a bespoke quote that is directly suited to you. Being able to view the site through your images allows us to fully prepare for the tank installation job ahead and prevents us from overcharging you. It also allows us to supply separate quotes regarding a new concrete slab base, piers or fireboard if required.


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When we first arrive on site, we will drain down the existing oil tank into our holding tank.
We will then disconnect the existing oil feed line and remove the existing oil tank ready for decommissioning back at our site.
If required, we will supply and install a new concrete slab base.
If required, we will supply and install fire board protection.
We will supply and install a new plastic/steel bunded oil tank.
The existing oil feed will now be connected back up to the tank.
Once the feed line is connected, we will pump and filter fuels from our holding tank back into the new tank.
If required, we will supply and install a new electronic contents gauge.
Before we leave the site, we will check that the boiler is working correctly.


Taking the hassle out of the installation process of your domestic oil tank, our OFTEC approved technicians use their vast experience and knowledge to give you a quick and straightforward oil tank installation without compromise on quality. We know the importance of having a professional team install your oil tank correctly, not only to ensure efficient performance, but also to keep both you and the environment safe as a priority. With this in mind, our OFTEC approved team look after the whole process for you. From start to finish, our specialist engineers ensure your oil tank is installed correctly in the safest way, so you can relax knowing you can trust in us.

Bespoke options
If you have a unique situation in which none of our domestic oil tanks will meet your personal requirements in either size or shape, then our team of experts will help to accommodate your needs. We are fully qualified to provide bespoke steel single skin and bunded tanks to suit your requirements, so we can find a domestic oil tank solution for even the most unique scenarios.


A smooth and easy oil tank replacement
Whether you are looking to relocate your tank, upgrade your previous tank, replace a damaged tank or install a sturdier base, our team of OFTEC certified engineers are professionals when it comes to oil tank services.

In order to provide you with an accurate free email quotation that is bespoke to your specific oil tank replacement or installation job, we will require a photograph of the current tank as well as the new location if you are relocating your replacement tank. We will also require a photo of the site access so we can plan the job effectively, ensuring there is as little hassle as possible when we are replacing your tank. If the oil tank is in a commercial environment, a site visit and survey may be required before we are able to provide an accurate quotation.


Once the oil tank replacement, upgrade or relocation has been booked in, here’s what you can expect prior to and during the process:


48 hours before our engineers are due, we will contact you to let you know what time to expect us.
On the day of installation our team will arrive in our Hi-Ab lorry with your new plastic/steel oil tank and all the materials and tools required to complete the job.
Once on site we will assess the current situation and proceed to pump out the clean useable fuel into our holding tank. All water and contaminated oil will be filtered out, removed and disposed of at a licensed site.
The existing tank can now be removed off-site ready for decommissioning back at our workshop.
The installation of the new base or any adjustments that are required to the existing base can now be carried out in preparation for the new oil tank.
The new oil tank will be positioned on the base and connected up to the oil supply line.
The oil in the holding tank can now be pumped and filtered back into the new tank.
Before leaving the site, we will always make sure your boiler/aga will fire up before leaving the site clean and tidy.

Our oil tank cleaning service is here to take the job of cleaning your oil stores off your hands.
Whether you have a plastic, steel or bunded tank, regular maintenance is essential. Having your oil tank cleaned around once a year is great practice to prevent the build-up of sludge or surface water, which can cause contamination and interfere with your heating system. Here at Tanks R Us, we value the importance of oil tank maintenance – so much so, that we offer oil tank cleaning services for both domestic and commercial tanks.

Keep your tank in top shape with our quality inspection guarantee. One of our fully qualified OFTEC approved engineers will inspect your oil tank before offering a thorough cleaning service from top to bottom, ensuring premium efficiency and performance. Here at Tanks R Us, our experience in both domestic and commercial tanks allows us to offer the best service, maintaining the longevity of your tank both inside and out.

Before going ahead with our oil tank cleaning service, we take the time to make the process as safe and efficient as possible. Ahead of your appointment, we require a photograph of the tank you wish to have cleaned, along with details about the capacity of the tank, the type of fuel being stored, and the amount of residue inside. We also request that you also send your address and a time which suits you so that we can provide you with a quote. Only when you’re happy will we proceed.

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